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Over the last few years of doing posters and onesies we've come up with dozens of variations for each letter across a really wide variety of outdoor activities. We can only use 26 for each poster, but there's so many great details and bits of history and culture that it seemed a shame to let them waste away in a sketchbook. So, we've committed (!) to sending out into the universe a Daily Letter—a small token of appreciation for just one letter and one concept at a time. They're just an internet thing for now, but they might be printed up as cards eventually if we can just keep it going. F

The inaugural letter? F, as in Fun Hog.

Back in 1968, a guy named Yvon Chouinard and some friends took a little road trip down through Central and South America. It was the beginning of something bigger for him, (as well as the late Doug Tompkins) and what came out of that experience has influenced multiple generations of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. They called themselves the Fun Hogs, and that attitude of getting outside and making the most of the opportunity is something worth hanging on to and adapting for one's own outdoor needs. A mindset worth emulating.

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December 20, 1968: Funhogs, from left, Dick Dorworth, Doug Tompkins, and Yvon Chouinard on the summit of Fitz Roy. Photo by Chris Jones

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