Solvitur Ambulando Linocut

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"It is solved by walking."

A motto, a creed, a way of life—and now, a hand-carved and printed (9"x6" bristol board) philosophy that inspires one to handle life's challenges and mysteries the old fashioned way: with a walk. 

Suitable for framing, or as a bookmark in a large book, or tacking up over a door, or sticking on a dashboard.

“I can only meditate when I am walking. When I stop, I cease to think; my mind only works with my legs.”
–Jean-Jacque Rousseau, Confessions, 1782

“When Nero advertised for a new luxury, a walk in the woods should have been offered. It is the consolation of mortal men. I think no pursuit has more breath of immortality in it. It is one of the secrets for dodging old age.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Country Life,” 1858